One page origami zine: a tutorial

I love scrolling through pinterest to look at all the nifty ideas for book binding and marketing brochures that designers come up with. There was a variant on the same concept that kept coming up which was one large square paper folded up in origami sorcery to make a smaller square. I reverse engineered it (that sounds much fancier than what I actually did, which was just to look at the available images and try and figure it out) and have made you a handy tutorial in case you want to make your own.

Behold my origami skills.


There are quite a few artists who I love who draw houses a lot, and as this is a theme that I often dream about and think about, but never really express in my art, so I thought I would give it a try. The small format of this makes it ideal to test out ideas for things that you aren’t sure you can fill a whole zine with. After doing this I am pretty sure that I could fill a whole BOOK with my house ideas, so I will definitely be exploring this topic more.

Behold my gif making skills.


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