Setting my own art challenges

For a long time, I made art in isolation.
I shared it with friends at school and some family, but not many other people. Then DeviantArt happened.
A couple of things happened when I signed up there, one was that I made some amazing friends, and the other was that my art production increased.

The same thing happened again, but on a much more intense scale when I joined Get Messy at the end of 2016.

Sharing my art with others and having people to hold me accountable helps me to make more consistently. Challenges like Inktober do the same thing. I can’t wait around for October to get into consistent art, or even April for the 100 Day Project. So I have made up my own.
I took my daily planner and wrote down ideas and drew diagrams of things that I have wanted to make, but never gotten around to making. Zine ideas, drawing ideas, binding styles, theoretical pop-up pages that I need to work out the practicality of… that kind of thing. Included in there was a list of other things more boring in nature. Like making a website, and editing videos that have been sitting around for a while. I call it ELLY MACK MAKES.

I started on March 1, and so far things have been going well – I even have a website! (kind of) When days show up with tasks that are too big for the time that I have available on that day, I snatch from a simpler day. I have had one painting that I have been working on for three days now and it definitely counts as my completed challenge for all three.
This is what ‘Elly Mack Makes’ looks like thus far.

I will try and post every week or so about how it is going – to help me stay accountable. Follow along with my creative journey on Instagram @ellymack_ or you can follow the hashtag #ellymackmakes

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